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Each Gambie is handmade with the softest, thickest cotton that feels oh so yummy. Think of it like an absolute favorite pair of jeans you can always count on to feel perfectly comfy cozy… that’s what a Gambie is to your child every time he or she wears it!

Gambies are made from 100% natural, chemical-free cotton fleece grown and sewn in the U.S.A. The fabric is soft and warm against a child’s skin, and feels just right because the natural cotton fiber is highly breathable. 

The fabric keeps its shape amazingly well, so no matter how hard your kidlet plays in it… they always look adorable in their Gambie! It stays bright and white for years even after a zillion washes. Keeping the crisp clean look of a Gambie that is so wonderfully childlike is easy, simply spot-treat with a little natural bleach or detergent, following the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions, of course!

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