A Gambie Changes As Your Child Grows


Besides its cozy unrestricted comfort, a Gambie is unique because it changes from a baby bunting to a toddler sweatshirt or dress as your child grows.

One Gambie has a 3 year wearability per child, and can be passed down to another child for another 3 years  so you really get your money’s worth! When your baby grows out of wearing their Gambie as a bunting, just pull the cotton cording out of the bottom and they’ll wear it for another 2 to 3 years as a sweatshirt, dress, or cover-up layer.

Plus, the fabric is so durable and stays so white and bright with very little care except to spot-treat, a Gambie can be passed onto the next child in the family, and the next…

Many kids get attached to their Gambie like a favorite blankie. Because Gambies stick around for so long, it becomes a familiar much-loved comfort. It’s soft yummy feel and bright fun design calls to the kid in all of us.

See this little girl in the picture to the right? 

The Gambie she’s wearing as a young girl is the same Gambie she wore as a bunting when she was a baby. Now it’s her favorite dress… and just look how bright and white it still is. Next year it will be her favorite sweatshirt.


Talk about getting my money’s worth! My son’s Gambie has been the one favorite outfit he (we) always want to wear. And if he’s not wearing it, it’s always in my bag along for the ride in case he needs a cover-up or warm layer. We don’t go anywhere without our Gambie!”

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