Gambies Is The Original


You have found the home of the original Gambies! The name Gambies and the quality it represents go back over 30 years. It was the first type of all cotton bunting, drawstring sac, or one-piece outfit to “grow with baby” on the market in the 1980’s.

It all started when longtime textile and found object artist, Georgia Zwartjes, had a difficult decision to make (nearly three decades ago) when it was time to pack up her household and studio for a move to mid-coast Maine.

Limited space persuaded her to select only the most transferable of her arts ~ fabric stenciling. And with a whimsical imagination, refined aesthetic, and commitment to garment excellence, Georgia soon gave birth to this little company called Gambies that is still in full swing today.

The culmination of thick, high quality, all natural cotton, regionally thematic designs, economical growth feature, and a willingness to pound the pavement proved to spell success for Georgia.

bwpicThe day she walked into my festive children’s store in Maine, I knew “at first sight” that Gambies was a winner, too. There wasn’t a day, it seemed, no matter how high the snow or degree of humidity, that Gambies wasn’t on a sales receipt. Gambies – the Hooded Gown that Grows with Baby – quickly became a local favorite as well as one of the most sought-after baby gifts in New England.

Hi, I’m Jane Conover. Years have passed and I’ve since sold my stores. I’m a Nana now and have relocated to the west coast where I was born and raised. And Gambies? Well, I just couldn’t leave them behind!

The first, the very first thing I wanted to do when my daughter announced her pregnancy was send her a Lobster Gambies from Maine. I hunted and hunted and discovered that Gambies was no longer available. The company had been sold and past inventory lay dormant in garbage bags in the new owner’s basement.


A serendipitous reunion: Jane (left) and Georgia (right), summer 2015.

Family and other business commitments had kept her from doing much with it…I couldn’t help but reminisce about the “good old Gambies days” in my stores and I was so determined to send that Lobster Gambies to my daughter that I negotiated to purchase the company, and voila! Gambies the Hooded Gown that Grows with Baby was resurrected!

Fresh fabric ~ woven. New designs ~ executed. And once again, Gambies is a thriving little all American made business.

And the Lobster Gambies? Currently outgrown by the second grandchild, recently passed down to the third, and still remains the most “expensive” baby gift in family history! THAT’s how much I believe in this product and hope you see the value in Gambies, too.

Today, I am the sole manufacturer and worldwide distributor of the entire Gambies line…

Thanks for taking a look!





“She (Winnie, top banner; Georgia’s 1st grandchild) seemed to really love it (her lobster gambies) as she was extra cuddly and smiley when she had it on. Probably likes how soft it is.”

A.Z., Washington State


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